The foundations in faith section of this site points to the four key modules that lead to living a life of victory.

Every destination in life must have a starting and an ending point or how else would we know what direction to head? If we don’t know where we are starting from, how can we know the path to take? And if we do not know our destination, how can we expect to ever arrive?

Similarly, when it comes to “living in victory one day at a time” we must know where to begin and to which direction we must head. Otherwise, how will we find victory? This is why foundations in faith are so important to Wonder Ministries. In fact, the four key modules tabbed in this section represent the chemistry and mission of Wonder Ministries.

Go ahead and click the tabs to the left and take a look at these four essentials of “living in victory one day at a time.” Don’t be hesitant or doubtful about your ability to find victory. No matter how distant you seem to be, change is possible. In fact – it could happen tonight-

Fundamentals, in my use of the word, describe a principle(s) that serve as the basis of understanding or believing. In this case, fundamentals are meant to be interpreted as the knowledge base by which we grow our faith so that we may fulfill our purpose of “living in victory one day at a time.”

Moreover, the principles by which we grow are found in the words of the sacred text that have been preserved for 100’s and 1,000’s of years. That text, as declared in the Christian arena, is the Holy Bible. The Bible brings to us the words and works of God in the context which He expressed Himself to distant generations and by which He still speaks to us today.

The Bible is the handbook by which we learn of God’s love for us (you and I), His desire to bring us to His eternal home, and how we may reign with Him in the future kingdom.

This is why knowing the fundamentals of the Bible are so important to the faith. How can we understand forgiveness, family, and our future with Christ if we do not understand the fundamentals of the Scripture? I know the Bible doesn’t have that hip look like those science fiction books on the end cap at the local bookstore but you know the old cliche “don’t judge a book by its cover.” So pick up a Bible and dive in to see what God is saying to you. After all, that’s why Paul wrote to his dear friend Timothy (and why I write to you) because “All Scripture is Given by the Inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” – 2 Timothy 3:16, 17

Here at Wonder Ministries, we believe that family is a very important core value in developing a foundation in the faith and we consider it a necessity toward “living in victory one day at a time.”

It is necessary for us to be in a right relationship with our family in order to be in a right relationship with God. This doesn’t mean that we are out of relationship with God if people within our family refuse to accept our fellowship. We are not accountable for the actions of others. However, we also need to make sure that the reason family members refuse our fellowship is not any fault of our own action, attitude, and deeds. In this case, you do the best you can do and let God do the rest.

The Bible is our handbook for raising children, marital relations, and understanding the role of both the man and the woman as well the child and the sibling.

We strongly believe that once a person executes forgiveness, and dives in to the fundamentals of Bible knowledge and wisdom, that the desire to have the family in order is a natural and decisive approach to “living a life of victory one day at a time” – Matthew 12:48-50

Have you ever really wondered what the future had in store for you? I’m not talking about what’s for dinner this evening, what type of career we may have, or even whether or not our favorite sports team will take home the championship trophy (though these are certainly things that we may wonder about). I’m talking about the future beyond our physical life.

I’m sure many of you cruised right through the forgiveness tab, fundamental tab, and even the family tab but now you may be experiencing a moment of hesitation. I understand since young people feel invincible (therefore the physical life seems immortal) and the older generations have plenty of scientific remedies and medical procedures formulated to delay the thought of death so that the need to discuss it, and the future beyond, seems a bit unnecessary.

However, it is time that we get back to the reality at hand – our future. The reality of our future is that there is a future beyond the physical life. As believers in Jesus Christ, we are granted that future expectation. There is a future beyond the grave so to speak – John 14:1-4

God is eternal and He exists outside of linear time. Therefore, as believers in Christ, we are eternal also. This means that physical death is not an end of our being but a progression that places us into His presence. Therefore, eternity isn’t some distant future that exists far off but a reality that exists within the present physical state of our being.

Let’s not get to deep here. What I am saying is that we join “Team Eternity” with Christ the moment we become believers. As a result, we live in the eternal now (in our physical bodies) and we will exist in the eternal future in our heavenly bodies.

Anyway, the choice is yours. Join us each week by clicking the “Audio/Video Messages” tab at the top of the page and listen with us as we take on tough topics and go through the Bible in a practical and applicable format within the context of both the authors and the readers.